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The omega-3 series SMARTFISH

Marine Harvest Ingredients is delivering the main ingredient in Pharmalogicas omega-3 series Smartfish, namely the fresh Xalar salmon oil.

The oil is extracted from Atlantic salmon at Marine Harvest’s production facility near Stavanger, Norway.

Pharmalogica has developed and patented the technology which makes it possible to use fish oil in functional drinks/nutraceuticals and food supplements. The company tested fish oil from several suppliers and finally chose Xalar from Marine Harvest based on its freshness and top quality.

The omega-3 series SMARTFISH is planned sold to several countries worldwide. Today you can find the products in shops in Norway, Singapore,  Hong Kong and China.

For further information about Xalar salmon oil, please visit www.xalar.com or contact:

Marine Harvest Ingredients
4130 Hjelmeland

General Manager:  Bjørn Erik Flem
Phone   :  +47 920 24515

Sales & Marketing Manager:  Erik Lærdal
Phone   :  +47 917 15428

For further information about SMARTFISH omega-3 series, please visit www.smartfish.no


Published date: 27 Feb 2008

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This product contains natural Omega-3: