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Fish Delight

Fish Delight fillets of hake, Pangasius or saithe present beautifully and taste delicious.

They are lightly dusted to stay juicy during cooking and the structure of the fish remains clearly visible when presented on the plate.

Seasoning is simple, with a squeeze of lemon and a garnish of parsley. A crisp crust beneath means the Fish Delight fillets are easy to handle after cooking.

Fish Delight fillets need no extra fat to prepare, in an oven at 180 °C or in a shallow pan. There is limited loss of weight during cooking. Portion sizes for hake are 160/190g, for Pangasius they are 130/150g and for saithe it is 135g.

To find out more about the Marine Harvest Fish Delight fillets range and other further processed products, please contact Europe@marineharvest.com.

Published date: 02 Sep 2008

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