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Fish Fillet Gratino

The Fish fillet Gratino is a lightly dusted fillet of white fish, covered with Emmenthal cheese with sundried tomatoes and basil.

Fish fillet Gratino makes an excellent main component for a nourishing meal.

The combination of boneless Pangasius fillet with Emmenthal cheese, sundried tomato and basil provides a delicious Mediterranean character to a fish meal. Equal weight portions can be prepared in a shallow pan or pre-heated oven, where no extra fat is required. There is limited loss of weight or water during cooking.

Fish fillet Gratino portions are 150 grams, two per pack and 10 packs per box. They are ideally suited to the retail market.

To find out more about the Marine Harvest Fish fillet Gratino range and other further processed products, please contact Europe@marineharvest.com.

Published date: 02 Sep 2008

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