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Boneless Salmon Steak

Preparation of salmon made easy: just put it in a pan. With Marine Harvest boneless salmon steak with Provençal herbs you can offer a fantastic meal to your family and friends.

Each marinated salmon steak is made of two centre-cut pieces. The pieces are brought together to form a single, boneless steak, with skin around the outside.

The two centre-cut pieces selected for each salmon steak are so close in size, colour and shape that each salmon steak appears as a single steak not separate pieces.

The salmon steaks are marinated on both sides with a provençal herb marinade, combining oil and herbs, then individually vacuum packed.

  • Quick and easy preparation in a pan, or an oven or microwave, starting from frozen. 
  • The salmon steaks are boneless for convenient eating.
  • Preparation of salmon steaks is as easy as beef steaks: just put it in a pan for 3 minutes on each side, cooking from frozen, for a delicious, convenient, healthy meal.


Published date: 04 Sep 2008

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