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Award Winning Smoke Roasted Sea Bass

Smoke Roasted Chilean Sea Bass gained Ducktrap River of Maine a Sofi Award in the Outstanding New Product for 2008 category.

To produce Ducktrap River of Maine Smoke Roasted Sea Bass we use Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified Chilean sea bass fillets.  The fillets are enriched with a flavourful recipe of salt, evaporated cane juice, herbs and spices and then enhanced by a hot-smoking process using native Maine fruitwoods and hardwoods. The result is a rich and delicate blend of both the woods and the sea. Ducktrap River of Maine smoked sea bass contains no artificial preservatives or ingredients.

This buttery, firm-fleshed fish stands up well to hearty flavours such as roasted peppers and Dijon mustard, but can also be a welcome addition to savoury garlic and herb potato bakes and stews. Classic pairings for our smoked sea bass include tender artichokes, sweetly sautéed onions, or courgette sauce which allows the mellow smoked sea bass flavours to come alive. Serve with rice and generous helpings of vegetables or hearty breads au jus.

To find out more about this award winning product and other Ducktrap River of Maine Smoked Seafood Products contact the sales office at smoked@ducktrap.com or visit our website www.ducktrap.com.

Sofi awards are a part of the Fancy Food Show held in New York by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade (NAFST).

Published date: 22 Sep 2008