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Organic Salmon

Marine Harvest Ireland’s own farmed salmon, based on organic feed and special production regime. Whole gutted, head off. The product is sold fresh and frozen.

Clare Island Irish Organic Salmon

Marine Harvest farms Irish organic salmon in the lee of Clare Island, which is four miles off the coast of County Mayo in the west of Ireland. Clare Island Sea Farm is one of the world’s most remote salmon farms.

Clare Island Organic Salmon are provided with special diets that contain only organic, natural ingredients and are free of genetically modified products. Phaffia, a yeast based pigment, ensures the salmon have that natural salmon-pink colour.

Stocking densities are low, in line with organic welfare concepts. This calculates out at just 0.5% to 1% of fish by volume in the water, less than half that of conventional farms. The Irish Atlantic waters they live in are classed by the European Union as 1A in quality — the best there is. A constant 2-knot flow and high tidal exchange rates continuously flush the pens with fresh water, preventing any build up of parasites or pollutants. This natural, healthy environment and low population density allows the fish to develop good muscle and body shape.

Underlining their outstanding merit, the Clare Island salmon are certified by the organic authorities of no fewer than four European countries — France, Germany, Ireland and Switzerland. The four organic certification bodies that certify Clare Island Organic Salmon in Ireland are Naturland Verband (Germany), Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association (IOFGA), Bio Suisse (Switzerland) and Qualité France. Each authority conducts an annual audit to ensure the highest organic standards are maintained.

Published date: 29 Feb 2008

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