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2. Business

Marine Harvest’s objective is defined in the Company’s articles of association:

“The objective of the company is production, refinement, sale and distribution of seafood and goods used in seafood production, either directly or through participation in other companies and hereto-related activities.”

The articles of association are available at this page.

To achieve the objective set forth in the articles of association, the Board has adopted a corporate strategy stating ambitions and priorities set to achieve them within the framework of the Group’s four guiding principles. In 2012 a project to review the strategic ambitions for each principle was initiated with the ambition to further strengthen the relationship between the Group overall target of long term value creation, ambitions and the key performance indicators. The project will be completed in 2013. The ambitions and the priorities set to achieve them are regularly reviewed and revised by the Board.

In line with the ambition to become a leading integrated protine producer,  the Board in October 2012 resolved to develop a feed division to secure access to high quality feed. The Group’s first feed production unit will be located In Norway. Construction is in progress and production will commence in 2014.

Published date: 04 Jul 2013