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Marine Harvest Chile

The business unit Marine Harvest Chile consists of operations in Chile and the US. The main activities are farming, processing, smoking, distribution and sales.

The main products are salmon (fillets, cutlets and portions) and a wide range of smoked seafood products.

Marine Harvest Chile covers the farming, processing and sales activities in Chile, in addition to processing and sales activities in the US. The head office is located to Puerto Montt, Chile.

In Chile the farming and processing activities are concentrated around the area of Puerto Montt. Marine Harvest Delifish is also located in Puerto Montt.

In the US the value added processing activities take place in Maine. The products made are high-quality smoked seafood products. An additional processing plant was opened in Los Angeles in August 2009. The sales organisation is located to Miami, Florida.

Activities: Farming, processing, smoking, distribution and sales 
Main products: Salmon (fillets, cutlets and portions) in addition to a wide range of smoked seafood products 

Key figures


Harvest volume (tonnes)

36 204*

Operating income (NOK million):

2 322.2

Operational EBIT


No of employees year-end (FTE)


* Volume in MH Chile is sold volume. Harvested volume in MH Chile 2009 was 30 702 tonnes.

Published date: 28 May 2010